Monday, September 15, 2008

Effective Stress Relaxation Techniques

Schedules, meetings, career, family, kids, parent meets stress! By the end of the day, you are ready to pull your hair out unless you can do something to relax. But, in a scenario where there is not a moment to spare, it is difficult to find time-effective ways to unwind. Then, how can you overcome stress?

According to Dr. Trevor Powell, stress is a positive force that can enable a human being to survive. Considering the connotations that the word has in our life today, it is hard to believe that stress can have any positive effect on us. Each one of us experiences some amount of stress. Up to a certain limit, stress can stimulate us to perform better. This is because stress can evoke certain body reactions that make us feel energized, alert and focused.

But too much stress is counter-productive. It impairs performance and brings out dangerous knee-jerk reactions. Too much stress or negative stress can lead the body to produce stress chemicals that linger in the blood and prevent us from relaxing. High levels of stress over long periods of time can lead to anxiety, fear, frustration, panic, emotional withdrawal and depression. In its worst form, stress can lead to health problems like ulcers and diabetes. It is obvious that we have to develop certain effective stress relaxation techniques to cope with negative stress.

Massage : Massaging tense muscles and kneading soft tissues relieve stress. A good body massage can help you feel relaxed and integrated. However, you would need to find a professional massage therapist in order to get full benefit from this technique.

Visualization : Visualize a beautiful place in your mind. It could be the beach, the park or even your back garden. Feel the sights and the sound of the place you love. This will help you relax.

Music : Stress reducing music has been used even in the ancient past. Emperors and kings used music and dancing to unwind after a hard day of toil. Listening to specially designed relaxation music is one of the most effective stress relaxation techniques known to man. Stress reducing music has been used by clinical psychologists and hypnotists to induce a deep state of relaxation in their patients. These specially designed pieces of music have voices, rhythm and tempo that will help an individual relax. Their specially designed musical notes guide the brain to generate a deeply relaxed state of mind. There are special CDs and DVDs available for both stress reduction as well as inducing a deeply relaxed sleep.

To be of any use, effective stress relaxation techniques must be cost and time-effective. Plugging on to stress reducing music and listening to it through your ipod or mobile phone while you drive yourself to work or sit in a bus or train is one of the easiest ways to cope with stress.

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